Our mission

We are not a medical spa. We are not a beauty salon. We are not a spa. We are a family business that serves the people of our community. We are a home for those who come to us for healing and relaxation. We are an outlet for those who feel unfulfilled. We offer services to suit everyone’s needs and goals. We specialize in therapeutic massage and bodywork to reduce pain, relieve stress and improve performance and overall health. Our principal mission is to improve the quality of life for those who benefit from massage therapy, energy work, and meditation. About us: We are not a medical spa.

woman in purple shirt sitting on brown chair

Our owner

I am a graduate of the California Massage Therapy Institute and a licensed massage therapist in California. I have worked in the spa industry for over 8 years and have a wide range of experience. I am committed to the health and wellness of my clients and strive to provide an experience that will help them achieve their goals.

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